What is a Hanex worktop?

Hanex® is the registered international brand name for a premium range of acrylic solid surface material.66% natural stone, known as Alumina Trihydrate, is pulverised and blended with 34% acrylic polymer resins in a special high-tech process, using extremely high heat and pressure within a vacuum, to create a solid slab which [...]

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How do I make my kitchen more efficient?

Kitchens have always been the hub of family life and most people remember the “good old days” around the kitchen table. Whether for breakfast, family dinners, tea, or dinner parties, a well-designed kitchen will be in the centre of activities.Your kitchen is probably visited by more people than any other room [...]

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Are Wooden Worktops a Good Idea?

Wooden worktops have graced posh kitchens for centuries and have remained fashionable. With new technology producing solid-surface, quartz and ultra-compact worktops, people sometimes ask whether it is still a good idea to install solid timber worktops? The short answer is, if the charm of the natural warmth and beauty of [...]

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The Most Popular Worktop Materials

The Most Popular Worktop Materials Worktops are arguably one of the most important part of any kitchen, bathroom or living area - they can make or break the general aesthetic appearance and the feel of luxury. The quality of the worktops will also determine the lifetime of the kitchen and how [...]

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Installation of Silestone

Installation of Silestone What is Silestone? Silestone is Cosentino’s registered trade name of the world’s leading quartz worktops, used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as for wall and floor cladding and furniture. The quality of Silestone is backed by more than 70 years’ experience and a written warranty. The [...]

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Silestone for your kitchen

What is Silestone Silestone is a compound Silestone worktops are re-engineered from a compound of 94% natural quartz crystals and silica, in a special process and adding polymer acrylic resins, making up the balance of 6% content, to strengthen and improve the original stone, making it more flexible and resilient. [...]

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Restaurant and Bar Worksurfaces

Restaurant and Bar Worksurfaces Dining out is a social activity most people share, and when you conceptualised your restaurant or bar, you no doubt gave a lot of thought to what will appeal to your customers: great food, a welcoming- and visually appealing look, and the right kind of atmosphere. The [...]

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