Discover our meticulously selected assortment of Egger Laminate worktops, boasting premium quality and lasting durability, available in concrete and marble finishes tailored to complement any interior. Emulating the textures of natural stone, these laminate worktops not only provide aesthetic appeal but also offer the benefits of longevity, cleanliness, and easy upkeep. Revel in the allure of genuine materials while maintaining practicality at its finest. Elevate your design coherence by incorporating matching splashbacks, upstands, and edging for a harmonized final touch.

Experience the luxurious smoothness of marble or the authentic essence of stone or slate with our array of 12 remarkable material reproductions.

  • EGGER – Laminate Anthracite Candela Marble

  • EGGER – Laminate Anthracite Metal Rock

  • EGGER – Laminate Calais Travertine

  • EGGER – Laminate Cremona Marble

  • EGGER – Laminate Crystal Marble

  • EGGER – Laminate Cupria Slate

  • EGGER – Laminate Grey Braganza Granite

  • EGGER – Laminate Grey Cascia

  • EGGER – Laminate Light Grey Candela Marble

  • EGGER – Laminate Sand Grey Calvia Stone

  • EGGER – Laminate White Chromix

  • EGGER – Laminate White Levanto Marble

Add matching splashbacks, upstands, and edging to complete the design and ensure a seamless, high-end finish.