Natural Materials

Natural Beauty & Elegance

Modern technology has made it possible to choose from an incredibly large variety of materials for worktop surfaces and the greatest challenge for a supplier, contractor or designer is to guide the client in making a choice that will satisfy them for decades, if not the rest of their lives.

Traditionally natural materials have adorned imposing kitchens and bathrooms for centuries and they have never fallen out of fashion. The natural beauty and elegance of stone or wood make any space look and feel luxurious and sophisticated and can completely transform the appearance of a kitchen, bathroom, or living area. Bluestone offers a vast choice of worktops in natural materials that are peerless in terms of their appearance and quality, to suit every taste and preference.

Sensa Granite

Every piece of Sensa granite is unique, making your worktop completely different from anyone else’s. Every slab has its own characteristic but all offer sheer elegance.

Sensa Granite Orinoco


Granite is both magnificent and timeless, and naturally very beautiful. When introduced to your home, it can offer both elegance and functionality to your kitchen.


Marble & Limestone

Both Limestone and Marble have been used in construction for many centuries and are incredibly desirable now. Our skilled craftsmen can bring these qualities out of the stone, which will bring your worktop to life and set it apart from others.


Timber worktops offer the quintessential English country ‘look and feel’ to your kitchen and are so enticing to touch. All our wooden worktops are ethically sourced from FSC accredited forests which guarantee replanting for future generations.

Bluestone’s Natural Products

In comparing sintered stone to other exceptional materials such as granite, marble and quartz, Ultra-Compact worktops give you the best of all worlds.

Our selection of the highest quality natural stone worktops include Granite, Sensa Granite, Marble, Slate and Limestone. Our natural stone worktop range comes in an array of more than 100 natural colours, available in highly polished, honed, brushed and flame textured finishes.

Our solid timber worktops, the personification of a quintessential English country kitchen, offer an unequalled choice of 10 different species of the finest “A-grade” wood from around the world, including Beech, Walnut and Black Oak, European Oak, Cherry, Beech, Iroko, which are all hand finished to a silky smooth finish.

Fabricated by specialists in our state-of-the art factory, we guarantee the quality of our worktops in natural materials and our professional design teams are always ready to assist with any advice required.