Caesarstone Worktops

Premium Quality Natural Quartz

Caesarstone® is a premium quality natural quartz worktop, an incredibly hard, solid, non-porous material known as engineered stone, which is perfect for kitchen and bathroom worktops, sinks, shower trays, floor and wall cladding and staircases. It is manufactured from the best quality quartz compound of at least 93% quartz aggregate, enhanced by a special proprietary blend of polymer resins, colour pigments and antimicrobial agents.

Natural stone, such as marble or granite, have microscopic pores and cracks which can absorb liquids and allow bacteria to grow. All these are eliminated in Caesarstone, making the worktops completely impervious to liquids, highly stain- and damage resistant and completely hygienic.

New Caesarstone Outdoor Collection

Caesarstone’s new outdoor quartz surfaces provide the answer to every homeowner’s desire to cook, dine and entertain from the comforts of their own garden. The collection itself comprises three brand new designs; 515 Palm Shade, the classic look of white marble with a subtle warm veining; 405 Midday, a white concrete look to complement tiling, stone, or decking; and 406 Clearskies, a pale grey concrete design perfect for contemporary gardens. Be it a fully equipped outdoor kitchen in a country garden, a sleek BBQ station on a city apartment terrace or even a sophisticated al fresco dining area on a suburban street; however you imagine your dream outdoor space, Caesarstone’s outdoor collection will bring your vision to life.

Pioneering surface brand Caesarstone has turned its attention to the great outdoors by introducing an inaugural collection of 3 outdoor quartz surfaces; an inspiring range designed to elevate one’s outdoor space and transform it into an environment to be enjoyed all year-round.

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Our Quartz worktops look sophisticated and elegant, and because they are so versatile can suit a variety of different designs whether that be traditional or a more contemporary style.

Quartz Features

The outstanding features of a quartz worktop are its magnificent crystal-like lustre and exotic colours, with a three-dimensional sparkle. To achieve this unique look, specially selected quartz is pulverized and blended with polymer resins and colour pigment in special blenders, after which it is poured into moulds to form various slab sizes. This mixture is then compressed into compact slabs by means of a special vacuum and vibration process, under pressure of up to 100 tonnes, after which it is cured in a kiln at 90 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes to obtain incredible hardness, strength, resilience, stain resistance and antibacterial qualities. The next step in the process to obtain the gleam of quartz is to polish the slabs to a perfect finish, gauging and calibrating the thickness to exact standards. Each slab is individually inspected and labelled with a unique serial number for later identification.

The slabs are then fabricated by professional, accredited fabricators such as Bluestone into residential or commercial worktops, with all the accessories, for installation by highly skilled experts.

About Caesarstone

The company, Caesarstone, derives its name from the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, where it was established in 1987, later to become one of the world leaders in quartz surfaces, with a superb reputation of quality and service. Caesarstone® is backed by a two-tiered 10-year guarantee, both by the manufacturer and fabricator if installed professionally.

Caesarstone worktops are available in a huge variety of colours, tones, styles, finishes and textures, together with other unique properties not found in natural stone. Styles include a plain, fine- or coarse-grained, or veined appearance. It blends exceptionally well with other materials such as glass, brass, bronze, gold, silver, stainless steel and wood. Caesarstone can be joined virtually seamlessly, in ways not possible with natural stone worktops, adding even further to its appeal and hygienic properties.

Caesarstone is incredibly versatile. Integrated sinks, basins and shower trays create a uniform appearance, with almost seamless joints. Not only is it used for worktops, but because of its exceptional hardness and durability, it can be used very effectively on floors, walls and staircases for an exclusive look.

Because of its solid, non-porousness and antibacterial qualities, it has also been approved by health authorities for use in highly sterile areas such as hospitals, surgeries and laboratories.