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Hanex Kitchen Worktops

Hanex is one of the finest acrylic solid surface materials that you can get. Regardless of where it is being used, it offers premium product specifications that compete against any other solid surface brand for performance and design scope. This magnificent, versatile material is perfect for many different surfaces, as the design capabilities are truly remarkable.

* Colours marked with an *asterisk are not recommended for applications where the surface is exposed to heavy use and contact. Saturated and dark colours will show scratches, dust and other wear and tear more visibly than less saturated or lighter colours.

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Solid Surface worktops can be shaped, joined and formed into a variety of different shapes and designs, for numerous uses. This means that you can create a highly personalised appearance for your worktop.

Registered manufacturers and installer of Hanex surfaces

Hanex is a solid surface worktop, constructed from a unique blend of acrylic resins and natural materials. The fabrication advantages are vast, the materials can be shaped and formed to fit a range of designs. Solid Surfaces can be used in many applications where sanitation is of highest importance due to its resistance to moisture, pollutants and bacteria.

Whether you are looking to use Hanex in a domestic kitchen or Bathroom or a commercial project such as a hotel, restaurant or retail outlet the design possibilities are endless.

We are registered manufacturers and installers of Hanex surfaces and offer a 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Please visit our product pages or contact our customer services team for further information.