Quartz Worktops

Q for Quality… Q for Quartz

Quartz worktops are absolutely unbeatable when it comes to strength, appearance, quality, durability and hygiene. We only supply top quality quartz worktops, such as Silestone, Diore Stone, Compac and Technistone, which are manufactured from more that ninety percent natural quartz, before being blended with polyester resins and colourants during a special vibrocompaction process making these worktops even stronger than quarried quartz.


Silestone is a compound made up of natural quartz, it is extraordinarily hard and resilient and has anti-bacterial protection.

Diore Quartz

Diore Quartz is a unique quartz work surface developed by Bluestone to offer all the benefits of leading quartz technology at a lower cost.


Cambria is American made in Minnesota where legendary craftsmanship, hard work, and a commitment to the highest quality are the cornerstones of everything they do.


Premium quartz surfaces, for both residential and commercial projects as counter-tops, vanities, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces.


Compac’s Quartz range is perfect for any kitchen worktops or bathroom vanities due to its high resilience and offers luxury for your home.


Elegance and functionality makes Technistone ideal for a wide range of applications, from Kitchen worktops to stairs and bathroom vanities.

Same appearance as natural quartz

Quartz is such a beautiful stone, with plenty of aesthetic appeal that is simply unmatched by any other material. Our engineered quartz produces the same unique, elegant, crystal appearance of natural quartz. It has an incomparable density, strength and resilience, scoring 7 on the MOHS scale of hardness. That is just three less than a diamond and far outperforms all other worktop materials.

A huge range of colours

One of the joys of quartz is that it is available in a huge range of colours which are blended in during the manufacturing process. The seamless finish means that integrated sinks, basins and bowls can be built into it.

Quartz is an incredibly resilient material, which is resistant to heat, scratches and acid, meaning with proper care, these worktops can last a lifetime. Top brands have a limited liability warranty of up to ten years.


Diore Quartz



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Our Quartz worktops look sophisticated and elegant, and because they are so versatile can suit a variety of different designs whether that be traditional or a more contemporary style.

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