Granite Worktops

Every granite worktop is unique

Granite is both magnificent and timeless, and naturally very beautiful. When introduced to your home, it can offer both elegance and functionality to your kitchen. Regardless of the style you have running through your home, granite will never go out of fashion.

No two pieces of granite are the same, which makes every worktop different and unique. All of our granite worktops are constructed to the highest quality.

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Deep, natural colours

Granite is an incredibly hard igneous rock, which has been formed form molten magma. Once that cools, it solidifies due to the extreme pressure deep within the earth. It is well known for its durability and strength and it is because of this that it is very popular with the construction industry. The deep, natural colours can range from pink to black, with either gold or silver sparkles. It all depends on the chemistry and mineral profile.

Low maintenance

Granite is fairly low maintenance, and can normally be wiped clean with an unused damp cloth, before being buffed with a Microfibre cloth. For a deeper clean, a diluted detergent or stone cleaner can be used, but under no circumstance should acidic or abrasive cleaners be used. Any acidic spillages, such as wine, should be wiped up immediately, and never left to sit on the surface.