Wooden Worktops

Timber worktops offer the quintessential English country ‘look and feel’ to your kitchen and are so enticing to touch. Solid timber worktops are probably the only worktops that actually improve with age. At Bluestone we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and all our wooden worktops are ethically sourced from FSC accredited forests which guarantee replanting for future generations. We offer a fantastic range of over 10 species of wood from around the world which are hand finished to a silky smooth finish.

Installed by one of our professional teams, you are guaranteed to have the best quality worktops to last you for a lifetime, at an affordable price.

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Choose from our wide range of design details to create a highly personalised appearance for your worktop

The finest ‘A’ grade timber

Our timber worktops are fabricated from the finest ‘A’ grade timber that is cut into 40mm staves that are glued together with a waterproof adhesive. All our stave length varies generally from 300-750 mm. Dead knots are generally not allowed. However, in some woods, where the natural character of the tree means that small knots can appear during cleaning, small knots of up to 8mm are acceptable.

Caring for your Wooden Worktop

Wooden worktops are often criticized for hygiene and it is true that wood is not impervious to liquids and need to be sealed and sterilised, especially after contact with raw meat. However, studies have shown that although bacteria may be absorbed into the wood grain, they do not normally multiply and will eventually die. Furthermore the almost seamless joints minimise crevices for germs to accumulate. Top quality timber worktops are strong and very resilient and if cared for properly they can last a lifetime. Wood is hardwearing, resistant to impact and scratches can be sanded out. However, it is not resistant to heat and liquids and need to be sealed regularly or it may warp. Wood is a combustible material and heat insulation is required if the worktops are installed above stoves and ovens.

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