Dupont and the Corian Quality Network

Why use a Dupont and Corian Quality Network Partner?

This means that our quality, tools, workmanship and fabrication have been independently evaluated by Dupont Corian, and consequently Bluestone have been recognised for our dedication to providing the highest standard of fabrication. This in turn enables us to offer at least a ten year warranty backed up by Dupont Corian. 

The Highest Fabrication Quality

Corian® is a par excellence brand – in the world of modern materials: it refers to a high-tech surface invented, produced and marketed by DuPont which has revolutionized and keeps on shaping the world of interior design, furnishing and of architecture.

“Corian® Quality Network” is a fundamental ingredient of the global success of Corian®.

The “Corian® Quality Network” is an international system created by DuPont to optimize the delivering of the beauty and of the performance of Corian® high-tech surface to the market, to transform the potential of Corian® into reality.

It includes companies – industrial partners of DuPont – that are able to help consumers, architects, designers and industries to extract the highest value from the performance and the properties of Corian®.

The members of this network are trained by DuPont specialists and technicians, their skills are checked and certified by DuPont, their preparation and service are continuously monitored by DuPont.

Dealing with a member of the “Corian® Quality Network” means counting on state-of-the-art training and knowledge in terms of fabrication and installation, it means dealing with people that are used to manage complex task, dealing with companies supported by the know-how of DuPont and whose creations and installations are associated to a official ten-years warranty of DuPont.

The “Corian® Quality Network” is a premium group of industrial partners of DuPont that we are proud to introduce: be sure to deal with a member of this network when you have an idea, a project, a need that can be met through the potential of Corian®.

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