Bespoke premium quality worktops

Corian Solid Surface 25% OFF

Bluestone supply bespoke worktops to a prominent network of kitchen dealers based across the UK

We endeavour to provide the best possible service levels from quotation to installation. We are driven by innovation and design, continually seeking exciting products and colours to supply into the Kitchen Industry.

We understand our clients’ worktop and countertop needs.

Manufacturing bespoke premium quality worktops in Solid Surface, Quartz, Ultra Compact, Stone and Wood.

Our growth & success can be ascribed to the fact that we have a long-term strategy to make it our business to understand the needs of our clients, be they Architects, Designers, Contractors, Big Businesses, Small Businesses or Health Professionals.

We are excited to introduce our own new exciting range of Ultra Compact colours, Diore Ultra.
A timeless collection of 21 colours inspired by Italy’s finest marble and stone. An opportunity to purchase outstanding quality at affordable prices. 

Want an outdoor kitchen?

Caesarstone has introduced a collection of 3 outdoor quartz surfaces, with outdoor living in mind

Terrazzo kitchen



A NEW addition to our own Diore brand

Terrazzo is a captivating surface material that has graced architectural marvels throughout history. Characterised by its alluring blend of marble, granite, or quartz chips, Terrazzo boasts a unique and eye-catching appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to any space

timeless elegance meets artistic craftsmanship

Highest quality worktop and countertop products

Based on our industry leading service we supply only the highest quality worktop and countertop products. We use state-of-the-art technology with strict quality control throughout the process.

Helping you realise your vision and offering innovative solutions to your clients:

  • Best quality raw materials
  • Backroom support to corporate clients
  • Skilled craftsmen
  • After sales service

Our facilities, fabricators  and expertise  at head office or one of our branch offices are readily accessible to all service providers in the worktop industry so you can experience our capacity and capabilities first-hand. Our teams of skilled installers across the UK are also at your disposal if needed.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that it is never crowded along the extra mile and we pledge our best service to you and your clients and to synchronise our efforts with yours in not only meeting, but exceeding expectations.

All your worktop needs

Whatever your projects, be they custom-designed countertops for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs or bars; worktops for dental laboratories, surgeries or hospitals; prestigious public places or reception areas; airports or sports arenas; or high class living in private kitchens or bathrooms, Bluestone is ready and able to provide all your worktop needs.

Nationwide templating service

Nationwide laser templating
& fitting service

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