Dekton Worktops

Ultra-Compact Sintered Stone

Dekton is created by fusing a sophisticated blend of glass, porcelain and quartz under extreme pressure and temperature to produce an ultra-compact slab of material that is perfect for kitchen and bathroom worktops, wall and floor cladding, facades, outside kitchens, fireplaces and much more.

Surface Textures

Polished / XGloss

The traditional finish for Dekton is polished/gloss. The surface intensifies its colours and shine.


Inspiration in nature: wood, slate or marble.


Matte and polished finish where softness, elegance and simplicity come together.

Design Details


Return Ends

Cutouts & Drainer Grooves

Our Ultra Compact worktops look sophisticated and elegant, and because they are so versatile can suit a variety of different designs whether that be traditional or a more contemporary style.

Dekton is manufactured with special TSP technology by the Spanish company Cosentino. The manufacturing process, known as sintering, replicates the metamorphic changes in natural stone which normally takes place over a period of thousands of years. The result is by far the hardest material yet to be used in worktop slabs, preserving the beauty of natural stone such as marble or granite, while improving on its functional qualities such as density, hardness, resilience and hygiene. All fissures, cracks and other imperfections in natural stone are eliminated

Dekton is more resistant to extremes of temperature, scratching, staining, abrasion and other damage than any other existing worktop material. Because of its exceptional strength (it is five times stronger than natural granite!) it is manufactured in much larger slabs than other materials, with much greater potential for design and installation of islands, longer uniform work surfaces without any joints and longer overhangs without support. Its strength has also made it possible to manufacture slabs from an amazingly thin 8mm, to the more usual 20mm and 30mm slabs. Depending on design requirements, this can cut down on the weight and cost of surfaces and also provides an infinite number of design possibilities.

Its colour pigments are blended throughout the material during manufacture, ensuring colour consistency and colour fastness. This eliminates the need for edging and slabs can be cut for splashbacks, upstands and other additions. It is completely UV resistant and extremes of temperatures, and fire-resistant, making it an ideal choice for any indoor and outdoor project.

Antimicrobial elements are mixed into the material so that it actively fights bacteria for the best possible hygiene. Because there is no way moisture, toxins or germs can enter the worktop, and its colours will not fade, it will remain brand new for decades after you have installed a Dektron worktop.