This stunning collection provides a flexible and inventive selection of ultra compact surfaces, empowering architects and designers to explore their imagination and transform their visions into reality

Dekton®, the top ultra-compact brand by Cosentino, partners with interior design leader Nina Magon to produce the exceptional and inventive Onirika collection. The series, influenced by marble patterns and immersive living, presents eight opulent colors: Awake, Lucid, Somnia, Neural, Trance, Vigil, Daze, and Morpheus. Onirika symbolizes sustainability, progressive innovation, and timeless refinement, merging the lines between dreams and reality.

Onirika Neural

Neural emanates an air of refinement and steadiness, instilling a feeling of tranquility in any environment. Its marbled pattern displays subtle, pale veins that intersect to form an eye-catching neural network. This design is well-suited for bright, neutral spaces complemented with gentle textures, light tones, and metallic or wooden accents.

Onirika Lucid / Onirika Morpheus

Lucid is a dynamic surface that displays a variety of shades, reflections, and color glints, making it perfect for pairing with wood, gray, and gold tones, as well as frosted glass. Meanwhile, Morpheus shares a similar tonality with Lucid but comes in Dekton’s exclusive Velvet Texture finish.

Onirika Awake

Awake is a modern take on the luxurious Paonazzo stone, showcasing thick veins of light greys, delicate oxide terracotta, and subtle inky blues. This design blends perfectly with white, neutral tones, lightwood, and various shades of gold.

Onirika Trance

Trance exhibits warm and delicate streaks that shift between oxide tones, fading to reddish-gold, and complements reddish oak wood and darker walnut tones. When paired with blue furniture and warm gold accents, it creates a sleek and lively atmosphere.

Onirika Somnia

Somnia showcases stunning warm oxide browns and whites blending together under a grid of delicate lines. It complements well with warm, dark woods, frosted glass, and textured metal surfaces such as copper.

Onirika Vigil / Onirika Daze

Vigil reinvents the popular Calacatta design by incorporating thick veins in gradient shades of light and dark grays, enhanced by a subtle touch of gold. This timeless color effortlessly pairs with warm and cool tones, wood, metal, and clean concrete. Similarly, Daze shares the same tonality as Vigil, but features Dekton’s exclusive Velvet Texture finish.

Nina Magon said of the creation of Dekton Onirika:

“When working with the product development team, we realised we’re not attempting to mimic any existing natural stone. With Dekton technology, we are able to create our own colours and structures, bringing to life something that is unique, beautiful and irreplaceable. The purpose of Onirika is to showcase the versatility of Dekton. We want all designers, architects, and people around the world to see that the product is not only a book matched worktop with a waterfall, but can also be used on walls, ceilings, facades, outdoor spaces, and more”

Carbon neutrality

Dekton has achieved carbon neutrality throughout its entire life cycle, including Scopes 1, 2, and 3. This covers the extraction of raw materials, direct and indirect emissions from production, emissions from use, and end-of-life disposal. With its exceptional hardness, strength, and durability, Dekton is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor applications, such as floors, walls, furniture cladding, kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower trays, and washbasins. It is available in various thicknesses and large slabs, making it suitable for any home project.

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Author: Pieter du Plessis An accomplished writer, with many years of practical experience in the design and construction industry. He has a PhD. in communication science and has distinguished himself as a writer of high-level articles over a wide spectrum of topics, technical and academic theses, presidential speeches and marketing material for a very large listed company. He is a qualified project manager and owned and managed two construction companies, one of which specialised in home remodelling. He is also a skilled craftsman, specialising in carpentry and landscaping.