Diore Solid Surface Worktops

Diore Solid Surface Worktops

Diore Solid Surface® is a unique
solid surface developed by Bluestone to offer all the benefits of leading solid surface technology at an even lower cost. It is manufactured from natural minerals and strengthened with acrylic polymer resin. Diore Solid Surface is non-porous, does not stain and is easy to keep clean, so is ideal for use as kitchen worktops and is also frequently used in more sensitive areas such as dental laboratories, surgeries and commercial counters.

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Endless Design Possibilities

Diore Solid Surface is incredibly versatile, giving it endless design possibilities. We use a special heat process to form it into a variety of shapes, and it can be combined with moulded bowls and coved upstands to give the appearance of continual run of worktop.  Diore Solid Surface® kitchen worktops are installed with seamless, inconspicuous joints which also give a unique flowing appearance to your worktop.

Unlike many other lower cost solid surface products Diore Solid Surface® is 12mm thick, which gives better performance, appearance and design options than standard 6mm products.  It is also non-porous, and the seamless joints don’t allow crevices for dirt and crumbs to accumulate, and it can be wiped clean with ease.  The material does not delaminate and is resistant to scratches and knocks, although we always recommend you treat your worktop with care by using chopping boards and pan stands to prevent damage from scratches and heat.

Due to the density of Diore Solid Surface, it can also be used for bathrooms, wet rooms and showers, and can be fabricated and installed to create a seamless and waterproof floor or shower base.

Diore Solid Surface® is the leading low cost solid surface in the UK and has the following benefits..

  • Available in 8 colours with integral sink and bowl options
  • Bluestone offer a range of Stainless sinks to integrate with Diore Solid Surface
  • Homogeneous and non-porous work surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain with excellent impact resistance
  • Inconspicuous, unobtrusive and seamless joints
  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

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