Mondariz Granite

A medium-grained grey stone with predominant pink tones. Mondariz Granite is durable & easy to clean, ideal for your kitchen worktop. A Spanish granite also known as Mondariz Grey and Rosa Mondariz.

Colour Band: 1
Family: Granite
Finish: Polished / Leather / Honed
Sheet Thicknesses Available: 20mm / 30mm
Sensitive Colour: No

The natural beauty of granite is magnificent and timeless. A piece of granite is formed over thousands of years and can be brought into your home to offer elegance and functionality to your kitchen. Granite never goes out of fashion and has a style and elegance all of its own. No two pieces of Granite are alike, ensuring that each worktop is a unique creation. Visually stunning effects can be created in the kitchen by the use of this remarkable material with our skilled mason’s hand crafting each worktop to the highest quality.
Worktop Finishes Bluestone offer a selection of finishes including polished (standard),honed, leather, flamed and brushed finishes. Polished Finish – Gloss and flat to the touch Honed Finish – Matt and flat to the touch Leather Finish – Satin and soft to the touch Flamed – Heat treated, to produce a textured undulating to the touch Characteristics & Specifications Pitting and Veining is a natural and is expected in stone worktops With stone worktops small fissures are common; blemishes and flaws are formed in the stone when cooling in the earth’s surface Slate, marble and limestone have various different veins, markings and patterns and every piece is unique Joints Stone worktop joints are finished with a small ariss to the top edge. Silicone sealant is applied to prevent water ingression. Thermal expansion Due to thermal expansion granite can expand up to 1mm per metre. Overhangs and supports Any overhang extending more than 300mm must be supported. Care & Maintenance Scratches Granite is highly scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Slate, marble and limestone are much softer than granite and greater care must be taken to avoid scratches to the surfaces Staining The stone will be sealed in the factory but it is possible to stain it with such things as wine or grease. It is recommended that the worktop must be re-sealed every 6 months to help reduce the risk of any damage to your worktops. Bluestone sell care & maintenance kits which clean, seal, and maintain your granite worktops to the very highest standard. Extras Handling Extra labour will be required on any worktops over 120kg. This will be supplied at no cost to

Key Features


Granite is one of the hardest worktops available and it doesn’t scratch easily, making it ideal for day to day activities.

Easy to Clean

Granite work surfaces are easy to clean. It is fairly low maintenance and once sealed it doesn’t stain easily

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