Corian Bathroom Basins

Corian Solid Surface bathroom basins – endless design possibilities

Washbasins made with Corian Solid Surface are a valuable addition to bathroom design, capable of meeting the demands of your imagination. In addition to creating your own original basin designs and integrated vanity units, you can choose from our extensive array of pre-fabricated shapes and sizes.

Imagine it… create it

Whatever your vision for a bathroom project, basins, integrated vanities and other bespoke features made with Corian are easy to include in your plans – the versatility they offer means custom solutions can be created in any size, shape, style or colour.

Seamless Integration

One of the main advantages of Corian Solid Surface is the ability to create an entire, continuous surface incorporating washbasins or bowls. Seamless under-mounting techniques eliminate rims that trap dirt and water, minimising cleaning and maintenance.

Built to last

Whether you opt for customised or prefabricated bathroom sinks, you can count on the highest levels of longevity in performance, versatility and easy maintenance. Corian Solid Surface is non-porous and does not harbor the growth of mould or mildew. With proper cleaning, the bathroom basin is built to last.