Timber FAQ’s

Is timber an appropriate material for a kitchen worktop?
When properly constructed and correctly installed, timber worktops will give a lifetime of service with little maintenance. Some would say that Timber worktops look even better with age.

Is a timber worktop hygienic?
It has been scientifically proven that a timber worktop will kill off salmonella and even e-coli within 48 hours. However they can live indefinitely on a worktop or work surface manufactured from granite or other materials. Timber worktops are very hygienic when constructed and treated correctly

How long will a timber worktop last for?
A top quality and well manufactured timber worktop or work surface which is well maintained will last you a lifetime.

Will my timber worktop change colour over time?
Yes, all timber worktops and work surfaces will change over a period of time. How quickly it changes and in what way it changes will vary from species to species and the conditions to which it is exposed.