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The Best of British Stone

Slate is a naturally beautiful stone, which has been admired by architects and designers for many years. Its naturally veined appearance is not only unique but is available in a variety of natural colour tones and shades.

Renowned as being the best of British stone, Burlington Stone has been quarrying slate in the Lake District since the 19th Century. At Lakestone Ltd, we have a manufacturing facility based near Burlington Stone, and are incredibly proud to be able to produce high quality slate kitchen worktops.

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Truly stunning stone for worktops

Slate is incredibly unique in the way it is formed. It is a fine grained metamorphic rock, formed in different layers. Over a long period of time, the rock will change colour, which is how you get the variation. Whilst greys are the most common, other colour tones can include green, blue and purple. Slate takes millions of years to form, and cosists of quartz and mica, and has been a very popular building material for many centuries.

The English Lake District slate quarries actually date back to Henry VIII, with evidence of slate being used by Romans. It is one of the most durable materials, that is completely weather proof if treated properly, and like other natural stone, no two pieces of this truly stunning stone are the same.

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