Marble & Limestone Worktops

Marble & Limestone Worktops

Marble is known for its elegance and beauty and has long been a sign of luxury. One of the unique features about marble is that it allows the light to penetrate its surface, before it scatters, which is what gives it the unique ‘waxy’ look.

Both Limestone and Marble have been used in construction for many centuries and are incredibly desirable now. Our skilled craftsmen can bring these qualities out of the stone, which will bring your worktop to life and set it apart from others.



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Highest quality of marble

At Bluestone Ltd, we only use the highest quality of marble, which comes in a variety of colours, before we polish it to a high gleam. It is quite a soft material, which although is resistant to heat, scratches and impact it should be treated with special care.

Caring for your Marble or Limestone worktop

Just like granite, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and buffed with a Microfibre cloth. Again, if necessary a diluted, mild detergent can be used; however no acidic or abrasive products should be used. Acidic spillages should be cleaned up immediately and neutralised with plenty of water.

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