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Solid Surface Worktops

Our solid surface worktops look sophisticated and elegant, and because they are so versatile can suit a variety of different designs whether that be traditional or a more contemporary style. The worktops are produced through a very special process, which means that they can be shaped, joined and formed into a variety of different shapes and designs, for numerous uses. The material can also be engraved, and amazing effects can be created from translucent colours. This means that you can create a highly personalised appearance for your worktop.

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Technical Info

Fabrication Process
Bluestone offers a choice of four top grade solid surface worktops, Corian®, Diore Solid Surface®, Hanex , and Hi-MACS.

These solid surface worktops are superior to natural stone worktops because they are more flexible, more hygienic and easier to maintain, yet present the same natural beauty and luxurious feel. There is also greater consistency of appearance, because all natural flaws have been eliminated.

Solid surface worktops also offer a greater variety of colours and price bands.

Solid surface worktop are non-porous material which do not easily stain or scratch, are naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and mildew. They are manufactured to the highest standards, meeting the international standards of DIN EN ISO 846. They are fabricated through a special process from at least 66% of the highest quality natural stone, enhanced with polymer resins to provide greater strength and flexibility.

They are perfect for a great variety of applications in the kitchen, and bathroom, surgeries, hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, showrooms, and many more. They can be shaped, joined, formed and engraved for numerous domestic and commercial uses on worktops, walls, showers and more.

Tolerance in solid surface worktops is ±2mm

By a special process, the worktops can be shaped and joined to give a seamless appearance, with the joints highly inconspicuous.

Thermal Expansion
Solid surface worktops can expand up to 1mm per metre and therefore a gap of at least 3mm should be left between the worktop and any walls. These gaps are filled with decorators caulk for a neat finish.

When solid surface worktops are joined to other materials (such as glass, steel or wood) an elastic type of adhesive, for example polyurethane, is required for expansion.

Overhangs and Supports
Any overhang extending 300mm or more must be supported.

Due to the weight of solid surface worktops, it is essential that your units are level and securely fixed.

Cutouts for Hobs, Sinks, etc
Hobs are installed according to a patented high-strength cutout method, integrating the hobs and worktops according to specified guidelines.

Splash backs or wall cladding are installed with a minimum 50mm gap behind an electric hob and a minimum 100mm gap behind a gas hob. There must also be a minimum 50mm gap from the cutout to the front of the worktop. To accommodate these requirements, it is sometimes necessary to widen the worktop to what is called a “breakfront.”

  • Sink cutouts are placed a minimum 50mm from the worktop front edge.
  • A minimum of 120mm is required between two hob cutouts
  • A minimum of 100mm is required between hob and sink cutouts.
  • A minimum of 70mm is required between two sink cutouts.
  • If a waste disposal unit is fitted to an undermounted sink after installation, additional support will be required, otherwise your warranty may be invalidated.

Because solid surface worktops are fabricated to give a seamless appearance, it is also possible to install sinks and bowls from the same materials for a smooth and elegant finish.

A minimum of 70mm is required between sink cut-outs.

If a waste disposal unit is fitted to an undermounted sink after installation, additional support will be required, otherwise your warranty may be invalidated.

Profile edges
All internal profile edges must have a radius of at least 80mm. Thermoforming to achieve a smaller radius can result in “bleaching” of the colour and a visible laminating process is required.

There are two types of upstand available.

  • Square upstands are fixed on site, with special glue or silicone.
  • Coved upstands are manufactured and fixed in the factory.

Upstands are manufactured in a straight line and any imperfections and large variations in the wall profile will leave gaps that need to be filled with decorators caulk. Plastering or tiling should therefore be completed after the worktops have been installed.

Care and Maintenance
Bluestone offer a Care and Maintenance Kit which has been developed to offer the customer everything they need to keep their worktops looking good for years to come

Solid surface worktops are highly scratch resistant but not scratch proof and the surface must be protected by chopping or cutting boards. Dark, heavily pigmented colours will show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter, textured forms.

Bluestone offer a Care and Maintenance Kit which has been developed to offer the customer everything they need to keep their worktops looking good for years to come.

Solid Surface worktops are resistant but care must be taken to clean the worktops down. Solid surface worktops are non-porous and will not absorb liquids, but it is still possible that grease, wine, coffee, nicotine, fruit juices and other strongly coloured substances can stain the surface if not properly protected or if the spills are not cleaned up immediately.

Care and Maintenance kits are available from Bluestone, call 0844 870 8351 for more info.

Solid Surfaces can be repaired if damaged or scratched. This service can be ordered from Bluestone

Solid Surface worktops is naturally hygienic as it is non-porous and the seamless joints do not harbour germs

For installation of worktops weighing above 120kg, you will need to supply additional labour at no cost to Bluestone. Every additional 75kg requires an extra person to assist with lifting.

Good News!
Solid surface worktops can be repaired. For minor scratches and marks, using an ordinary abrasive cleaner and a scouring pad the surface may be fully restored to its original appearance. For more extensive damage, Bluestone provides a special kit and beyond that, our specialist team can do repairs.

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