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Hi-MACS Solid Surface Worktops

Hi-MACS solid surfaces are superior to more conventional products such as marble, granite, glass and ceramic. Hi-MACS has many properties that makes it so popular, such as its flexibility, low maintenance, and the fact that it is hygienic.

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Fifteen year limited manufacturer’s warranty

We at Bluestone Ltd are approved fabricators and installers of Hi-MACS solid surfaces and form part of the Hi-MACS quality club. All of our Hi-MACS worktops come with a fifteen year limited manufacturer’s warranty; however, we are confident that if you look after your worktop it will last you a lifetime.

Hi-MACS consist of one third acrylic resin and five percent natural pigments. Its main component is the natural mineral aluminium hydroxide.

It is considered to be the ‘new generation’ solid surface material as it is produced in a modern manufacturing process. The material is heated in a progressive tempering process known as Thermal Cure, which cures it at a very high temperature in two stages. It is in this second stage that sets this material apart from the others, as it produces a new and stronger compound, giving it the quality that it is renowned for.

It is incredibly non-porous, making it a hygienic surface that can stand up to even the most demanding of tasks. For more information please visit our product pages, or contact our customer services team where we will be happy to assist you.

Please contact our customer services team for further information.

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