Technistone Worktops

Technistone durability, consistency, and resistance

Technistone is a high quality composite quartz material that can meet the toughest of demands. It consists of 93% natural quartz and granite minerals, blended with resin, colour pigments and other selected ingredients. It is this combination that ensures the durability, consistency and resistance that you get with Technistone. Its unique combination makes Technistone one of the best solutions for interior design.

Technistone is relatively new and was only established in 1997. It revolutionised the production of quartz by introducing a combination of natural materials with recycled mirrors, giving it a sparkling starlight effect.

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Easy to maintain and durable

Technistone has become incredibly popular and is now available in 60 countries across five continents. Its popularity is understandable, when you realise just how easy to maintain and how durable the surface is. It is available in a range of colours as well to suit any style that you may have in your kitchen or bathroom.

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