Dekton Natura

From Dekton’s XGloss Natural Collection, Natura is a glossy, off-white coloured ultra-compact surface with pale grey veins.
Replicating the quintessential style of marble with soft grey veining accentuating the classic white surface, Bello/Terra also boasts a lustrous polished finish. With all the benefits of Dekton’s technical characteristics, the striking colour’s reflective nature is due to the nano-technological treatment and mechanical polishing process it undergoes, resulting in a crystal-like shine.
It is tough, highly scratch resistant and durable.
Due to its practically zero porosity, the ultra-compact Dekton surface is highly resistant to staining in day-to-day use and from chemical products, making it ideal for use as a kitchen worktop and as a surface for other kinds of work, both inside and out.

Colour Band: 3
Family: Natural Collection
Finish: Polished / XGloss
Sensitive Colour: No

Dekton Slim (4mm) and the New XGloss Finish As well as the standard depths this colour is also available as 4mm (Dekton Slim). Gleaming with a XGloss finish it has a beautiful mirror effect with minimal distortions. An unprecedented luminous dazzling finish achieved as a result of a mechanical polish, with no need for varnishes or other materials. This nano-coating process used in Dekton XGloss is simply revolutionary in a surface of 4mm thickness. An innovation that provides low maintenance with resistance to fingerprints and stains and completely impermeable. Dekton Slim (4mm) is only recommended for furniture and interior cladding.